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Why would I use a large pre-cast retaining wall block from Earth Retaining Solutions?Installation

  1. These walls are built from individual large concrete blocks and are stacked on a running bond.
  2. The system incorporates infill aggregate as its interlocking feature, which also provides built-in drainage.
  3. It retains the soil by virtue of size and weight. No additional reinforcement of the soil is required.

What about taller walls?Capitol Beach
  1. These walls are built from individual large concrete blocks and are stacked on a running bond.
  2. In taller walls, the larger blocks enhance soil reinforcement.
  3. The soil reinforcement used is a suitable geo-grid.

What are the advantages of Earth Retaining Solutions large block products? 
NU Wall
  1. Engineering. The products are supported by engineering, both geo-technically and structurally. This is not always the case with walls built from natural stone materials (i.e., boulders).
  2. Durability. Our products are made from wet-cast, air-entrained concrete that is very durable. Resistance to the adverse effects of repeated freeze-thaw cycles and road salts is significant.
  3. Aesthetics. Our walls have a natural chiseled stone appearance and can also be stained to customize the wall to any project.
  4. Construction Ease: Our products are installed with equipment as opposed to manual labor. Combined with the large square footage per unit, installation is quick and efficient.

Value Added Solutions:
  1. Gravity wall applications, minimizes excavation costs and eliminates the need for a reinforced zone behind the wall which may push the wall out from a property line or require easements.
  2. Excellent when site conditions and wall heights require geo-grid.
  3. No need to construct wall below the frost line, saving both material and construction costs.

What should a civil engineer, architect, general contractor or developer know about Earth Retaining Solutions products?
  1. The quality of a retaining wall is equal to the strength of the weakest link. That link includes planning and design, a quality product, the quality of the site-specific engineering, and the quality of the construction of the wall.
  2. We have a Product Quality Assurance program is in place.
  3. We have an engineering manual available that includes testing for items such as shear, sliding, and reinforcement connection.
  4. We have available an installation manual for installers and offer on-site supervision as requested or necessary.

What safety factors should engineer calculate?

The retaining wall engineer should be calculating:
  1. External Factors of Safety, including Overturning, Sliding and Bearing.
  2. Internal Factors of Safety, including Pull Out.
  3. Local Stability, including Shear.
  4. Global Stability
Installer Advantages:
  • A couple pieces of equipment and three men can lay 2,000 square feet or more per day.
  • Over excavation is minimized or eliminated in most cases because geo-grid or aggregate backfill is not necessary.
  • The weight of the block creates a solid gravity wall.
  • Galvanized steel handles make it simple to lift and align blocks during installation.
  • Aggregate infill provides a built-in drainage system, eliminating the cost of buying and installing drain tile.
  • The blocks interlock without any extra mechanical assistance
  • Aggregate infill provides excellent connection strength and costs of infill can be easily estimated.
  • The large blocks can only be installed by those with large equipment, reducing the number of bidders.
  • The block design allows for straight walls as well as concave, convex and circular walls
  • Our blocks are completely engineered using a consistent, specified concrete to ensure a quality end product.
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